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What can be said about the differences between the Republican and Democratic parties?  LOTS and LOTS, and MORE LOTS!  Tony gives a history lesson to show how the majority of our most treasured freedoms and family protected legislation and actions have done more for Americans than ANY Democratic effort.  Also includes a short video depicting the truth about our WINNING the Vietnam war, and how the Democrats just handed it back to the communists.  ALSO, check out the lists of things President Trump has accomplished in his first year as our nations leader.  WOW, it's amazing.
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Episode 29. If you KNEW that our previous administrations willfully refused to protect American interests, jobs, and security, wouldn’t it upset you, even a little bit? It sure does Tony as he presents an EPIC episode defining common law and how the judicial system protects us, and how Trump was able to enforce his immigration bans. Within the new tax codes are hidden benefits to not just reduce taxes, but increase the economy so the average American will make MORE MONEY, supporting the overall economy for decades to come. Lots more on current legal and political issues to show how President Trump IS the American hero we have needed to rid us of the parasitical drains of corruption in the previous administrations. WARNING: Tony gets very passionate in this one and his language may be offensive to some, PARTICULARLY THE LEFT WINGERS!

FEAR! The emotion that drives our news media and politicians to keep the masses under their control. Republicans, Democrats, . . . doesn't matter. They all do what suits their game, not the masses. We FINALLY have a President that not only acknowledges the pain of the middle class, but is actually doing something about it and the politicians of both parties DON'T LIKE IT. The Bush's are trying to hide their role in giving away your vote, jobs, and security by attacking Trump's policies. The discoveries of the truth has sent the mice scouring. Here are the links:

Episode 26  September 21, 2017

How does the history and connection of the Catholic Church with the US government effect DACA?  Great question!  Learn about it in this episode.  Climate change, China economics, President Trump’s foreign policy, potential congressional changes of Republican congressmen in the future and, one more time, Comey and the Clinton connection.  Just how big is the US defense budget compared to the rest of the world?

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Episode 25  September 6, 2017

DACA, the long contested open door for illegal immigration to the US, is seeing the dimming light from a shutting door.  President Trump has given Congress another 6 months to comply with the law regarding these illegals that have been identified as a major source of crime, tax burden, and reduction in jobs for those legally residing here.  Clinton and Comey, what a pair, they are now that the proof of collusion prior to the embattled emails fiasco. And finally, how does China and Russia benefit from the contention and chaos that squeaks from North Korea.  These and other great topics in today’s episode.

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Episode 24
Tony shares his experience of attending the Trump rally in Phoenix, how the liberals are diverting our young via education, the tactics of Marxism, sanctions on Venezuela, voter fraud (again), Charlottesville riots, and how nationalism rebuttals identity politics. Great show and lead into our next on regarding the fraud surrounding the climate. Here are the links to today’s presentation:

Episode 23 August 15, 2017
Hate crimes, the cause of so much pain all over the world, makes it evident here in the US. President Trump declares the public disdain for these groups that humiliate, harm, and even kill because of their prejudice and ignorance. Proof that these groups are being manipulated by the same individual that backed Obama and the Wall Street mobs. WHERE OH WHERE HAVE THE VOTERS GONE, OH WHERE OH WHERE CAN THEY BE?! Statistics from California prove the voter fraud the left is doing everything they can to keep covered up. Keeping score on the number of murderers that has been democrats or socialist. The report is SHOCKING to say the least. And a final addition to our video that came in late is a revealing audio from Dick Morris showing the recently retired CIA chief from Russia proves there was no collusion between President Trump and President Putin. SHOCK SHOCK! Here are the links we discussed.

The truth about Sessions and how the hoopla the news media and leftist groups are WANTING to make of it is actually nothing. McCain’s decision to NOT SUPPORT the GOP and his vote to retain Obamacare isn’t the end of the world and could actually help in the long run. Illegal aliens getting driver licenses is just another ploy by the Democrats at voter fraud with nearly 1 million done so far. And finally, the effect gas prices are having and England joining France in declaring the elimination of gas burning cars by 2040.
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Episode 21
The promises and completion of those promises is what tells a GREAT administration from the ordinary, which we were stuck with recently. Just what has our President accomplished in his short tenure to date compared to Obama; the list is STAGGERING! The attempts from the left to undermine the HUGE steps made so far is beginning to pale and we predict Trump has already won the next election based just on what he has accomplished so far. AND REMEMBER, HE DONATES HIS PRESIDENTIAL PAY AND IS WORKING FOR FREE TO SUSTAIN THE FREEDOM THAT IS AMERICA. Also, our heartfelt prayers to Senator John McCain and his family as they face the devastation of his recently diagnosed illness. We wish them well.
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Episode 20
Comey’s decision to air restricted US information is brought out and shows the true nature of the former head of the FBI. The G20 assembly gets underway with discussions with China regarding North Korea, Germany finally realizing it does need US support, especially NATO. Poland and Japan are our most important allies in the region and why they may need nuclear weapons to balance out the unrest. The announcement from Volvo to stop producing gas engine cars, followed by France making a similar proclamation will have dramatic effect on the Middle East. And what about North Korea? China isn’t really interested in shutting down their nuclear weapons since it’s a source of energy and a financial drain for the US. Lots of great stuff.

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Published on Jul 6, 2017

Episode 19 July 6, 2017
The unscrupulous error of the left in thinking that teaching our youth to HATE America is becoming more obvious every day. Competition is the key to success and survival and what made, and is still making, America the land of freedom, success, and safety. When we share our integrity with others, teach our next generations the values that will continue to support them in achieving what all of us have come to expect from this great nation of ours. In this episode both Bob and Tony delve into the reasoning of competition, why President Trump’s agenda of supporting our allies and competing with other nations is the WIN/WIN the world really needs to meet our needs, and our dreams.
PS, Enjoy the link below to a great comic presentation about the Millennials and how their perspective is damning their future. Really cute, and REALLY accurate.

Hello Fellow Patriots and Happy 4th of July to us all.  Episode 18 and Tony follows up again on the gains the Republicans got in Georgia as the rhetorical left drew their line in the sand.  (YEA, RIGHT!)  Despite the continued efforts of the liberals to implant and expand their agenda of Marxism, the truth, and the numbers are proving to be too much for them.  In addition, the efforts to retain control of the Russians is explained and becomes clear as our relationship with Saudi Arabia drives the last nail in the coffin of their efforts to extend influence and military presence.  Oh yea, and why does Tony want elected Democrats to retain their offices?  Simple, they just keep losing and helps reinforce the reason conservatism won the election, and continues to rue the day.  Yea for independence!

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Published on Jun 15, 2017

CrossTalk with Tony and John. Tony spends some time clarifying the issue of the new prosecutor Robert S. Mueller, and his relationship with Comey. This is followed by a great conversation with our guest, John, regarding the Middle East. Questions about Qatar, Saudi Arabia, weapon provisions, and how benefits from the efforts to control the region and it’s natural resources, primarily oil. This presentation is the perfect prelude to Tony’s upcoming episodes with maps and detail analysis regarding the history of the Middle East.

Published on May 19, 2017

Hello fellow patriots and welcome to episode 16. What is the truth that is so deeply hidden in all the news media’s story lines regarding impeachment, collusion, political encroachment, and the upcoming investigation of Russian influence in the Trump campaign and administration? The answer is, there is none. Tony carefully lays out the evidence and timelines to prove this continued attempt from the left is pure harassment and will backfire. Be sure to follow the news links provided in today’s episode. Now on with the show.

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Published on Apr 5, 2017

Welcome to our inaugural Daily Report. Designed to highlight the most recent news and events as they become known. This episode covers Susan Rice, the spy entities involved in the wiretap incident that has confronted the political arena on both sides of the aisle. Great articles and very pertinent information.

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Published on Apr 13, 2017

BREAK ALERT April 14th 2017. Who was the message of the Syrian rocket attack really meant for? Not Assad, but Russia, China, North Korea, ISIS, ISIL, Iran, and the Taliban. With the "Mother of all bombs" being used for the first time and the fleet streaming towards North Korea, it appears the real message is being delivered worldwide. Trump is keeping his word on making America great again, but doing it by just enforcing the already existing laws and policies.

Welcome Fellow Patriots!

Hello fellow patriots and welcome to episode 14, the truth about Syria.  The retaliatory action against the Syrian airbase responsible for gassing the citizens opposing President Assad has finally made the statement of where the line is drawn with President Trump.  To understand the goals and concerns in Syria Tony has put together a great presentation including Oliver North, Senator McCain, and Senator Graham.